Monday, May 2, 2011

Hospital Bag

Since tomorrow I'll be 36 weeks, Ryan & I figured it would be about time to start packing for the hospital! I've been looking at different websites and what they say we should take, but I'd really love to get some opinions from people who've done this before!

What should we pack for me, Ryan, and Hannah?


  1. for you...comfy pjs, flip flops, chap stick, (your regular toiletries), your own blanket and pillow if you want, your camera, cell phone charger, Also Jesse and I brought our own bath towels bc the hosp ones are worse than hotel towels!

    for him...some snacks (granola bars, pretzels, ect.) also, cell phone charger for his ph.

    for hannah...onesies and pajamas and a few blankets and a special outfit for newborn pictures they do in the hospital and a "coming home" outfit! They supply diapers and even pacis...or you can bring your own if you want her to use a specific kind. Are you breastfeeding? If so I will give you some more "must haves"!

    Also, check out my blog...I asked for similar suggestions and got lots of advice :) I wasn't missing anything except for I was short an outfit because I ended up with a c-section and had to stay at hosp. an extra day so my inlaws brought it to me!

  2. Thank you so much Sarah! I am planning on breastfeeding, so any suggestions you have on what to bring in that area will definately help!!

  3. Boppy pillow, nursing tanks from target are amazing (i am still nursing and wear one everyday), use the lanolin cream they give u in hosp or bring some, and let Hannah stay in nursery at night and when she needs to eat they will bring her to u! It will be ur best opportunity to sleep