Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We've had all kinds of craziness at our house lately. It apparently isnt' going to get much better for a while either.  Weekend before last, my Mom and I went to Greenville for a consignment sale for kids.  We went with my aunt and grandma(they live there).  We spent the night up there and came home on Saturday. Ryan obviously had H the whole time and was a wonderful "single" parent.  I came home to everything in our den covered by a blanket so H couldn't hurt herself.

 Last weekend, we cleaned the house.  Like, a good good deep clean.  We're still not completely finished, but it's much better than it was.  We had Ryan's family over Sunday for a family lunch.  While we didn't "do" much, I felt so exhausted when I hauled myself to bed Sunday night.

This coming weekend we have a wedding Saturday and some friends are babysitting Hannah.  I cannot wait.  I'm less excited about the wedding than I am about a night out in nice clothes without a baby.  I remember when we got the invitation, I told Ryan that it will be a REAL night out in nice clothes.  I asked if he remembered those. He did not.  Crazy how much it can all change in 10 months.

Next weekend is Easter.  Ryan and I will be having both sides of our families to our house for Easter.  I'm looking forward to it actually.  I've never hosted a holiday before. And it's still a safe distance in time away.  I decided to have my families Easter outfits coordinate this year.  This was dumb, but I'm committed now.  It wouldn't be such a hassle if the color I'm working with wasn't so weird.

We have something to do every single weekend from now until, what feels like, eternity.

I hate running errands with Hannah.  I cannot stand it and leave them until the last possible day.  Her carseat is heavy, she gets bored VERY fast, and I'd rather stay at home.  I know this will not get any easier as she gets older. Sometimes I wish I had an assistant or a nanny so I could nap, or get things done.  I miss having my haircut and my eyebrows waxed and pedicures.  I'm fairly certain that if someone just showed up at my house and said, "I've got H, you go and let my driver take you and do what you want!" I'd get in the car and do all those things.  I'd also pig out on Chick-fil-a. 

I've become OBSESSED with Mad Men.  I couldn't find anything to watch on TV about a week ago and found Mad Men on one of those million "On Demand" channels.  I watched the last four episodes of season 4 and immediately bought Season 1.  I watch it constantly now!

I think that's enough rambling for the day...

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  1. completely agree on the pedicure :) Mine. Look. Terrible. And running errands does only get harder...bored very fast is an understatement!