Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Baby Shump" now has a name!

Hannah Elizabeth Shumpert!

To be honest, I wasn't totally convinced that Ryan and I wouldn't be trying to decide on a name for our little girl on the way to the hospital, but, thankfully we've chosen a name!  We're both really excited that we can refer to her by her name and not by "the baby" anymore!

Even more exciting, I can feel her move!  Every milestone we hit(ultrasound,  finding out she was a girl, etc.) makes everything more real!  Every day the movements get stronger so hopefully Ryan will be able to feel her soon!

We get to start working on the nursery now!  The nursery is currently our "junk" room so that'll take a while to get through! Wish us luck.  We don't want the nursery to be over-the-top girly, but it IS a little girl's room and I want it to be obvious.  Also, we need to start our registry and since I'm a first time mom I have no idea what to register for so ANY help/advice is greatly appreciated!

We also need help picking a stroller and carseat so if you have any idea on which brands to use or which brands to stay away from! 


  1. Yay! So exciting, Lauren! My friends and I made a huge spreadsheet of all of the stuff and brands that we liked. If I can get my hands on it, I will send it to you! Congrats on deciding on a name, it is beautiful!

  2. That would be GREAT Laurin! I would really appreciate it! Thanks for the compliment on the name, I'm so relieved we found one we both love(and everyone else likes too!)!

  3. YAY! Love the name! Register at Buy Buy Baby for sure! They are AWESOME!!!!!!!! I have heard great things and read great reviews on the Chicco Key Fit carseat so that is what we got! But check some of my blog out too to see what ppl suggested to me when I was about to register, etc. Congrats girl and love keeping up with your blog!!!!