Saturday, January 8, 2011

Registering & Other Happenings

I set off yesterday to start registering.  My mom went with me and I'm SO thankful!  We went to Buy Buy Baby.  I planned on just looking around and getting an idea of what I liked and didn't like and then would go back home and register online.  I'd done a lot of research on strollers and carseats already so I felt pretty educated.  Now, for those of you who have never been in Buy Buy Baby, you should know that it is the Bed, Bath, and Beyond for babies.  If they don't sell it, I'm convinced they don't make it.  Anyway, we started off talking a guy about travel systems and he was very well educated(as is all the staff).  I'd heard a lot of wonderful things about the Chicco travel systems(and researched just as much!) so I definatley wanted to look at those.  I found nothing that I liked more or felt was any better so that's what we're planning on getting.

After that, we moved on to pack 'n plays.  I had no idea that pack 'n plays were as big of a deal as they, apparently, are.  In my mind (Pre-BBB trip) they were just the blue net things my sister and I played and slept in when we were little.  I was sadly mistaken.  They have attachments, they vibrate, they have raised mattresses, they have a changing table on them, and I'm not convinced they won't actually FEED the baby if you asked it to.  Seriously, I had NO idea what I was getting into.  I have it narrowed down to two and I just have to decide which pattern I like more.  We're trying to stay gender neutral so that we can use this stuff again if we end up with a boy later on down the road (Ryan says that we're going to keep having babies until we have a boy - I say we'll see how this first one goes...)

So, besides registering, what else is going on in our little baby world?  Ryan felt Hannah move the other night!  He was so excited!  It really was awesome that I could feel her and so could Ryan.  I think it's finally becoming all that more real to him that in a little less than 5 months we'll have a baby to look after!  

I'm also starting to learn her "routine" and when she's most active.  She's most active at night when Ryan and I are just sitting on the couch watching tv or eating dinner.  She does NOT like when I get sick (Like mother like daughter.)  When I stop, she moves around like crazy!!  She also cannot stand when I wear a seatbelt.  She pushes against it a lot.  It's actually pretty cool for me!

We go to the doctor on Wednesday and get another ultrasound.  I'm very excited to get to see how big she's gotten.  At our last appointment she weighted 5 oz and I couldn't feel her.  Now, my belly is bigger and I can feel her so I know she's grown A LOT and I can't wait to see!!

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