Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's been ENTIRELY too long since my last post!!!  Surely we're not the only ones with packed schedules every weekend of the summer..right?  Someone told me while I was pregnant with Hannah that our lives would slow down once she got here.  Either they were lying to me or purpose, or they are very lucky(and spend a lot less money on gasoline!)  I know that I say this all the time, but we are constantly on the go! It's rare that we only have one event on our calender for the weekend(and even rarer that we have NOTHING!).  I'll try to catch up as much as I can!

Hannah's First Birthday
Her party was so fun to put together & experience!  We had everyone over to Ryan's parent's lake house! She got lots of presents & had tons of fun! Once we got in the car to come home, she CRASHED!!! Here are some pictures from her day:

We went to the beach a few days after Hannah's birthday.  Unfortunately, our camera died as I was trying to take the first picture of the trip.  Did I think to pack the charger? Of course not.  We had a great time, even though it rain almost every single day.  It was nice & sunshiney on the day we left though.  We took Hannah out on the beach, where she promptly sat down and started shoveling sand in her mouth.  We went to dinner the first night we were there and Hannah passed out, in the high chair, for the entire meal.  We put a jacket under her head(she was laying on the table!) where she laid(& drooled) until we got ready to leave.  Normally, I wouldn't let her sleep like this.  I would've brought her into my lap or something, but since she hadn't slept the whole ride down(even though we planned our ride around her naptime!) and she'd been fussy & energized all day, I just didn't have the heart to wake her up or move her.


I have no idea what's gotten into me lately, but I've been a crafting & sewing beast lately!!  I'd pinned a few dresses I like for Hannah on Pinterest and I decided that I could easily make those and packed Hannah up and off to Hobby Lobby we went for fabric.  I  made two things: a dress & a shirt.  The shirt was my very first attempt and was supposed to be a dress.  When I tried it on Hannah, I realized it was extremely short for a dress and looked back at the page that I got the tutorial from and in the picture, it is clearly a shirt.  Oh well.  It's cute and I like it!  I was in "The Zone" and remembered that I had some Halloween fabric left over from a few projects last year and decided to break it out too and attempt an actual dress this time.  I was pretty impressed with my first-time results and posted the pictures on The Facebook.  I got a TON of responses!  It felt so great to have someone compliment me on something I'd made!  I went back to Hobby Lobby the next day and got more fabric to attempt another dress.  When I posted a picture of that dress, a few friends started asking me to make dresses for their little ones!  After all this, I decided "What the heck! Let's see what I can do!" I opened a shop on Etsy.  It was crazy easy too!!!  Should any of you want something, let me know and we can talk! I put a link on the side of the blog - you should go visit! :)

Hannah learned stuff!

I know that this goes without saying, but Hannah is always learning new things!!  It's so awesome to see her learn new skills and hear her say new words!

We use an ottoman to block off the entrance to our kitchen.  She figured out that she can crawl under one of our side tables and go behind a chair and get in our kitchen.  She giggled the first time she did it!!  She was so proud of herself.  We've since blocked off the table she uses so she wont crawl under it, but now she's just learned to climb over our ottoman.  After a few falls, she also learned how to get herself down from the ottoman!

Last night she learned how to get up on our couch(and thankfully how to get down without falling once!)

She has also discovered our DVD collection.  There are ALWAYS DVDs on our den floor.  She doesn't care anything for them really once they are on the floor.  She just wants to pull them down!!!

New Foods

I helped out with our church's bible school a few weeks ago.  While I was teaching, Hannah got to play with kids her own age(this ONLY happens when we're at church! I really need to find her more friends her own age!).  They wore her out every single day!!  While we were there, they gave the kids NutriGrain bars.  She'd never had them before(Ryan and I don't like them so I don't keep them in the house).  She fell in love!!!  She'll eat two in one sitting if we let her!  The weekend after bible school, I was at Sam's and bought a huge box of them!

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