Friday, November 30, 2012

Stress, yo.

I should have known better than to be pregnant during Christmas time, but I did and now I must deal with the "consequences".  Christmas is always stressful around here, as I'm sure it is for all of you. We have 6 Christmases to go to, plus a few birthdays and various Chriatmas get togethers. A toddler and a pregnant sick wife on top of a hectic work schedule is Ryan's worst nightmare. I'm miserable already and it's only November 30th.

Right before Thanksgiving, I took my mom and we got our nails done together.  I got a gel manicure. I NEVER get manicures. Occasionally I'll get acrylic nails put on, but quickly remember that they're more hassle than they are worth and I have a huge problem paying someone to do something I can do at home by myself. However, I was there, I'd never had the gel polish on before and thought I'd try it out. Huge. Fan. It hasn't chipped or cracked at all. Love it.

Hannah can say "sister". It's absolutely precious. She will pull up my shirt and tell me "baby!" Sometimes she gets confused and pulls up her own shirt or Ryan's and says te same thing, but for the most part she gets it. As much as a one and a half year old can, I guess. What she doesn't get, however, is being easy on mommy's tummy she tries to crawl and lay and push on my stomach, which makes me just about puke. We've been correcting her since she started, but she doesn't seem to get that she has to be "ebey".

I knew Hannah was going to be a sponge at this age, but WOW! She knows the planes in the air and the trains she hears in the morning. Homegirl "knows" colors! When we ask what color something is, she doesn't always get the color right, but she will say a color. I'm not sure what age they're supposed to learn that, but I'm proud!

Yesterday, I told her we were going "bye bye" and she grabbed a sweater of hers off the coffee table and a gift bag that was also there. She held the sweater and put the bag on her arm and walked right out the door! Who needs a TV?

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