Thursday, December 1, 2011

Teething and other random happenings

Hannah TWO teeth!  We're very excited about it, but the little girl that resides in my house currently, is NOT the little girl we all know and love.  Atleast not with me anyway.  I'm convinced that I am her least favorite person in the whole world and she only puts up with me because I feed her.  She wont even smile at me when I go get her out of her crib in the morning.  I'm a little sad about it. No, I take that back.  I'm VERY sad about it.  Teething Hannah doesn't seem to like any of the things she liked before.  Her bouncer keeps her busy for about 10 minutes, where before, she'd spend HOURS in it if we'd let her! Her swing does her no good. I'm ready to have MY little girl back!

Our doctor told me to start introduce Hannah to a sippy cup.  She's 6 months old.  She wont drink out of a bottle if it doesnt have a 'slow' nipple on it(not that we haven't tried countless times!)  Is this weird?

Have any of you seen the Account Now commercial? I tried to look it up on YouTube, but couldn't find the one I wanted to talk about.  In the commercial, there's a line that bothers me. "Before Account Now, payday was such a hassle."  Really? A hassle? If getting paid is too much of a hassle for you, send your paycheck this way, it wont be a hassle for me!

We FINALLY have a washing machine that works! We had to take our washer back to Lowes and they gave us a store credit that we used to buy a brand new washer.  While we were sitting in the Customer Service section of Lowes on #6, one of the women that works there asked me how old Hannah was.  I told her she was 6 months old. Her response: "WOW! SHE'S FAT!" Then she proceeds to come out from behind the counter and starts getting in Hannah's face and mashing on her cheeks. I was so astonished/appaled that I couldn't even say anything to her! I was literally frozen where I stood.  I know what my kid looks like.  She's not the smallest baby ever, but she's certainly not fat. Do people really think it's ok to call babies fat? And why on God's green Earth do people think it's ok to touch and get in the face of a baby THEY DON'T KNOW?! 

They just released the "Top 10 Baby Names of 2011".  Hannah is #19(I found an extended list here.) Am I the only mom who doesn't want to see my kid's name on a list like this?

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