Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We're Alive... I Promise!

Life in the Shumpert household has been crazy the past month and I haven't had much time to blog. Here's our updates!

Our washing machine is still out - kind of.  After a month of being broken, we finally got in "fixed".  I was overjoyed and didn't even wait for the repairman to be out of my driveway before I put a load of clothes in!  TWO days later, it quit again and it's a complete toss up now when I go to turn the thing on.  It's getting ridiculous. 

I'm having a cookie exchange on December 10th.  I'm REALLY excited about it and cannot wait to have everyone over!  (I'm also using the party as an excuse to be on Pintrest more!)  I'm sending the very cute invites out this week!

We had Hannah's 6-month pictures taken last week.  The sneak peek we've seen is awesome and I can't wait to see all of the pictures!!!  She turns 6 months old on November 26th.  I can't believe Ryan and I have been parents for almost half a year!!!

Can you all believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK?  Where on Earth did the time go?  Have you all started Christmas shopping yet?

I want to get Hannah some toys for Christmas.  When we're in a store, I'll take her to the baby toy aisle and let her see and play with some of the toys to see if she likes them.  She NEVER does.  Are all babies like this or is my child just that picky about her toys?

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