Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby Update

We went to the doctor today for our 39 week appointment.  The doctor checked me and nothing has changed, however we have news. BIG NEWS.

We're having a baby on Thursday!

Hannah is running out of room so the doctor suggested we go ahead an induce.  I really wanted Hannah to come on her own, but I'm BEYOND thrilled that she'll be here on Thursday!  Ryan's pretty excited that after Thursday, he gets his REAL wife back, instead of dealing with the crazy one he's been living with the past few months!  Bless his heart.  I definately picked a good one! :-)

Naturally, my control & clean freak-self is going CRAZY!!  Seriously, I am currently taking a break from organizing our pantry.  I know that once we get home from the hospital we're going to have all kinds of people at the house (which I'm fine with), I just also know that I'll want my house to be completely clean while people are here and I know I won't feel like doing it when I'm healing and trying to learn about this new little girl!  I'm glad I actually enjoy cleaning! I'm a clean freak.  I can't help it.

So, any last minute advice for Ryan and me?

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