Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We had 2 showers this past weekend! Our little family is so blessed to have so many friends and family that care about us and are just as excited about Hannah making her appearance as we are! 

Our shower on Saturday was a "Couples Shower" hosted by two of my girlfriends.  Ryan, unfortunately, had to move a house the morning of so he was a little late, but he was there for the important parts!  All of us had a great time celebrating Hannah! Here are some pictures...


Please ignore the beverage I was holding for Ryan!

Daddy is a wonderful hanger!!!

Coral(my 5-year old cousin) has a matching outfit.  We can't wait to get pictures of the 2 of them!

Baby food the boys had to taste test!

Ryan didn't have as many funny reaction faces as some of the other guys.  I'm thinking that's a pretty good thing!

The shower we had on Sunday was given by Mrs. Melinda(Ryan's mom) at their lake house.  It was so nice to see everyone from his side of the family & friends!  We got so many diapers & wipes!  I'm SO thankful!!!!  Here are a few pictures...

Please overlook my shoe selection.  They were the only ones in my closet that matched that I could stand to have on my feet!!

This item has been a constant discussion in our house.  I think it's a wonderful thing - Ryan doesn't trust them.  Now that we have one, he's decided he'll "give it a try", but with pillows and sofa cusions under it in case she falls...  Love that man.

I absolutely love this dress from Ryan's Aunt Denise!  I can't wait for Hannah to be big enough to wear it!

The onsie says "Don't I look cute in this?"  I've told Ryan she's wearing it everyday.

I'm posting this picture because when I saw it, I laughed.  I seem VERY excited about nursing pads...  :)

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful gifts!  I'm STILL trying to organize them!  I'm working on all the "Thank You" cards and you'll have them soon!  Ryan and I feel so blessed to have the people we have in our lives and we're so excited to share this chapter of our lives with all of you!

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