Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thank You, Daddy

My dad is retiring at the end of August.  He works for the Army National Guard, doing I'm not quite sure what.  This is the only job I've ever known my dad to have.  When Lindsey and I were little, during the summer we'd go to work with him.  We loved going to the armory every day(but HATED having to get up early!).  We'd play and play all day!  We used to sit on some rollers they'd use to move big heavy things around and use them as "cars".  We'd play in the sound studio and get in trouble for being too loud.  We also learned to love Bernie's & would beg to have it for lunch(which rarely worked). 

An added plus to my dad being in the National Guard is having my dad's unit be like a second family.  They're all very special to my entire family.   We've been babysat by them, we've had all kinds of parties with them, they've celebrated & cried with my family - and us with them. 

With all of this said, my Dad(and 2 other men friends) had their last AT. For those who don't know, AT is the "2 weeks in the summer" that you hear about in the commercials.  It was pretty emotional, much more for the wives than the guys.  My little family went to Charleston & Greenville to see them. 

The last gig they had was in Greenville on July 4th.  It was a pretty special time for our family.  Every year until Lindsey and I were old enough to stay by ourselves, we were sent to spend 2 weeks with my grandma while my parents went and toured the state with my dad's unit.  We all were reunited for the July 4th concert.  This was the last time we'd see my dad play on July 4th in uniform. 

My entire family is so proud of my dad, and his entire unit, and more than thankful for serving our country.  There are no words to describe the sense of pride I get when I see my Dad standing at attention in uniform.  You hear a lot of women say "There's nothing like a man in uniform".  Usually they're talking about how good it makes a man look, but for me, it means something completely different.  It's for that reason, I asked my dad to walk me down the aisle in his dress blues.

Thank you, Daddy for serving for 33 years.  We appreciate it more than you know. 

P.S. Ryan says you're a badass :-)

Charleston - June 26th

Greenville - July 4th
My Dad is the one playing the trumpet

Yes, I made us all match.  Thank you Old Navy...

The retirees & their wives

Please excuse the glare from my glasses and my mom's lack of eyes...

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  1. So special! My daddy was in the Army too...ask your dad if he knew a Col. David Starkey...when he retired he became executive asst. to the adjutant general and then was in charge of the SC state guard! (but he was A LOT older than your dad!!)