Friday, February 4, 2011

Question & Answer

How far along?  23 weeks & 3 days
Total weight gain/loss? I fluctuate between what I was when I got pregnant & gaining 5 pounds..
Maternity clothes?  I try to wear as many of my clothes as I can, but it's becoming increasingly more difficult! I got a whole bunch of maternity clothes from my cousin the other day.  Thanks Steph!!!
Stretch marks? NO! I'm so proud!  I use Palmer's every single day.
Sleep? It seems that now my body has become so out-of-whack!  I SUPER sleepy during the day & wide awake at night.
Best moment last week? We(I) got a lot done in Hannah's room last week.  It's now to a point where I can't do anymore without help.  I can't move furniture & I have no idea what half the stuff in that room is!
Movement? Hannah moves ALL THE TIME & I love it!  She can't stand for anything to put remote pressure on my belly(the waistband of my maternity pants, seatbelts, etc.) so she pushes against them until I move whatever it is.  She's all about some personal space!!
Food cravings?  All I really "crave" is sour gummy candy. And more food.  It's amazed me how much more I eat now(or don't eat in some cases).
Gender? GIRL!
Labor signs? None that I know of!
Belly button in/out? Well..neither.  My belly button is basically flat right now.
What I miss: Being able to roll over in bed without it being a huge production & being able to get off the couch without assistance
What I am looking forward to: Getting Han-a-han's nursery painted!
Milestones: We go to the doctor on Wednesday for the Glucose Tolerence Test.  Not exactly something I'm looking forward to..

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