Saturday, February 26, 2011

Go ahead, I dare you.

...ask me what I've done today.  Prepare to be blown away. (No, seriously) 

Let me start by telling my "viewing public" that Ryan can't stand to be awake by himself.  When he wakes up on the average weekend morning, he rolls over to me, put his hand on "The Budda" and proceeds to START A CONVERSATION (with me or the baby, I don't think he cares).  This wouldn't bug me so much if his body wasn't programmed to wake up at 6:30 AM(Trust me, this is sleeping in for him.  I know, how sad.)  My body, however - pregnant or not - can sleep well past 6:30.  I'll reply to whatever he says sleepily and eventually he gives up and gets up and goes into the den to play World of Warcraft and "watch" TV.  Today was absolutely no different.  I finally woke up about 8:30 and told Ryan that Hannah wanted him to take us to breakfast.  Once he agreed to take us to Hardee's, I told him I really needed to go to Lowes today to measure our chair molding and see if I could find some different paint for the baby's room. Surprisingly, he still agreed to go so off we went.  We got home in less than an hour and 2 different paint colors later.  I'm a much happier girl now. :)  

For whatever reason,  for the past week and a half I've been a crazy person about cleaning and organizing(My mom says I'm nesting.. Isn't it too early for that?).  I vacuum almost every day. I hate my vacuum more and more every time I use it.  Thursday & Friday of this week were the exception to my newfound "rule" so today after we got home from Lowes I literally couldn't stand it one more second.  I had to make up for my lack of cleaning & organizing (Thursday I rolled change literally ALL day.  Apparently, it takes all day to roll $200 in change.  Friday I was out and about with my mom.  Oh how I love Fridays!) so I immediately got to work. I vacuumed the den, cleaned our bedroom, did laundry, paid bills, swept the foyer & bathroom, worked in our "office" and went crazy with a can of Pledge.  I also finished a book I bought yesterday.  Now, like any other pregnant woman ever, I got a little tired so I laid down on our bed wanting to rest my back..and woke up an hour and a half later.  I don't even feel bad, dang it, I worked hard for my unintentional nap!  I, also, will be getting in bed promptly after eating my dinner - which Ryan is currently cooking. Don't judge, we eat crazy late around here.

Now, ask me what my husband has done all day.  Since we got home from Lowes, he's been on our couch playing World of Warcraft.  Now, before I get all of you jumping down my throat, I completely understand that he works very hard all week to provide for me and our baby and that I appreciate it more than I can possibly put into words.  I also understand that he deserves to relax on the weekends, but REALLY?  World of Warcraft cannot be that interesting and you can't possibly convince me otherwise.

So, on a completely different note, we're painting the nursery next weekend!  My cousin is coming down from Spartanburg on Friday and Lindsey is coming home for Spring Break.  Hopefully, by our first baby shower (March 12th) we'll have the nursery all complete - with the exception of bedding and other little things I've registered for. I'm so excited!!!!

UPDATE - Ryan cooked dinner, made brownies, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the dinner mess.  I ragged on him earlier so I felt the need to brag on him a little!!!

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