Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our First Baby Shower

Last Saturday we had our first baby shower.  It was a joint shower with my cousin, Kelly.  She is 2 weeks ahead of me - with a little girl also!  The whole family is excited for the addition of 2 new little girls very soon!

Hannah got some great gifts!  We got our travel system, bathtub & a few washcloths, some monogrammed burp cloths, a few cute outfits, and a HOT PINK halloween trick-or-treating pumpkin (Coral was VERY proud of her gift to Hannah!) - just to name a few!!  We're very thankful for all the gifts and can't wait until Hannah gets here so we can use them!!!

My mom & I BOTH forgot our cameras so the pictures I have are from Kelly.  I'm so thankful someone thought to bring a camera!!

My mom & me

My cousin, Kelly, and me. I am 28 weeks, She is 30!

Our travel system from my uncle & grandma.  My uncle doesn't understand why we need a nursery if we have this. :)

I was so excited about this baby shower and felt so loved by all the family that was there!  I can't wait for my next shower - also a family shower on April 2nd!


  1. You are such a cute pregnant lady! :)

  2. Well thank you Laurin! I certainly don't FEEl cute so it's nice to hear & read!!