Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Water Saga

Two weeks ago, I went to fix Hannah a bottle.  She'd just woken up from her nap and not being very patient.  I pulled the knob on the faucet and nothing came out.    Screaming baby. No water.  Luckily, I keep bottled water in the house, so I just used that.  When Hannah finished her bottle, I got online to check and make sure I'd paid the bill.  I had, so I picked up the phone and called Ryan to let him know.  He listed off a few things it could be (none of which I understood).  When he got home, he checked our pressure switch(If anything, that's what we wanted to be wrong.  It's less expensive to fix) and the switch was fine.  Our pump was bad.  This pump(from what I understand), pumps water from our well, up a pipe to the house. We had to go without water until Ryan got home the next day to pull our pump up.  On his way home from work, he stopped and bought a new pump and gathered a few of our wonderful neighbors and they tried pulling our pump up by hand.  This did not work.  Our next door neighbor and the people who live in front of us combined their hoses with ours and they hooked us up to their well so we had water with a small amount of pressure.  Ryan had to bring home his work truck the next day to help pull the pump up, which worked THANKFULLY!  Ryan, along with our neighbors, replaced our pump and lowered it back down.  Now,if any of you know anything about our situation, you know that now, we should have water.  We didn't.  There was a short in the wiring way way down the pipe.  Over the next few days, Ryan was outside every night working to get the pump and wire up by himself.

At this point, we've been hooked up to our neighbor's well for a week and Ryan called a company his family works with to come and fix our problem and they will be there the next day.  We were having family over for dinner and to watch Survivor this particular Wednesday, so Ryan got my dad and my uncle to help him pull the pump out(Ryan hates having to pay someone to do something he can do)themselves.  Unfortunately, when the guys had to pump half up, the pipe breaks, sending the pump and half our pipe plumetting to the bottom of the well.  How lucky are we?  We decide to go to my parent's house that night and spend the night and get a nice shower.  You know, one that has actual pressure. 

Currently, it's been 2 weeks since we lost water.  We've returned the pump we bought(it was bad) and gotten a new one, bought, and returned a control panel for the pump(The well people told us to get one, then realized we didn't need it) and we finally got water Sunday night. 

This has been the longest 2 weeks I've had in a long time!  I hope noone has the same problems with their well that we've had.  Now, I know that it's a longer blog of almost nonesense, but I hope that someone benefits from my rambling.  Trust me, it's a lot of money to get someone out to fix the well problem, but trust me, it's a lot less stress!!

P.S. To top this whole saga off, I went to start a load of laundry yesterday morning and our washing machine won't turn on.

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